Platform – Investments

At Access Holdings

We focus on buying businesses we want to own versus those that are for sale. We seek to find and align with the right partners and help them systematically scale and innovate.

Access Holdings takes a purposeful and focused approach to investing, starting with our extensive research and analysis. We seek to identify markets and compelling business models using our systematic process, differentiated research capabilities, and digital tools. This affords us the ability to find the right partners in the absence of intermediaries and at a pace that allows for relationships and trust to be built organically.

We focus on essential service-based businesses in highly fragmented markets.

We aim to identify markets which have predictable and stable behavior driven by essential demand. Compelling business models typically have greater operating leverage at scale to allow value creation to be within the span of leadership control.

Our investments are headquartered in the United States, with operations across the country.



Access acquired a leading provider of pet cremation services in the United States. The investment provides the foundation for our pet loss...

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