We have a differentiated approach to investing that allows us to seek to systematically generate returns for our investors.

At Access Holdings, we seek to systematically generate returns for our investors by applying a contemporary approach to the traditional private equity investment model. Rather than rely on intermediaries to source investment opportunities, we execute a thesis-driven, research-based approach to create an aligned partnership with the owners, operators, and entrepreneurs with whom we want to partner – with businesses we want to own, versus those that are for sale. Our prescriptive value creation resources include innovative digital tools and functional playbooks and are key areas of our differentiation, as well as drivers of results.

Focused Investment Selection. Overall, we look for markets driven by indefatigable macro-trends and businesses with predictably recurring revenue. This leads us to invest in essential service industries that are capable of strong performance across all economic cycles.

Disciplined Research Process. Our investing process anchors around first building a strong perspective on where to play and how to win. To do this, we deploy a systematic, data-driven research process to select which markets we want to participate in and to develop a strategy for how we can build a market leader. This approach enables us to buy what we want to own versus what’s for sale.

Systematic Value Creation. Through years of business building experience, we’ve learned about the needs and challenges of companies as they scale and grow. Given our desire to accelerate the velocity and magnitude of value creation with our partners, we’ve purposely documented and developed a variety of programs, tools, and capabilities that, when applied, drive the potential for success. For example, we may work collaboratively with management teams to define a clear multi-year destination plan (often before a deal closes) that seeks to identify value creation priorities, strategic choices, and critical actions in order to achieve alignment and effective resource allocation. We can then work effectively to leverage and apply best practices and expertise (internal and external) to jump-start and accelerate business building.

Our business building mantra has led us to invest heavily in innovation and the development of important value creation programs, capabilities, and resources.

While Access often operates these, our end goal is to ultimately transfer these programs, capabilities, and resources to our platform company partners.

Some examples include:

Digital Tools

Access Lead Labs (All)

Our contemporary, technology driven demand generation capability that helps companies target, source, and acquire businesses and customers with velocity.

Access PULSE

Our data and analytics center of excellence that enables better and faster decision-making through the collection and analysis of internal and external data.

Functional Capabilities

As companies grow and expand, they must build organizational and functional capabilities that enable growth and promote success. This often requires building capabilities in advance to seek velocity of growth. We believe that “functional excellence” is essential to success, and we’ve formalized views on “what good looks like” along with playbooks to help our partners scale effectively. Additionally, we’ve hired and/or engaged experts in key functional disciplines to advance our thinking while providing hands-on assistance to our platform company partners in areas including:

Strategic planning

Developing destination plans, analyzing growth options, defining and launching strategic initiatives, and driving implementation and monitoring

Human Capital

Establishing and advancing procedures designed to achieve talent profiling, recruiting, onboarding, development, compensation, and succession planning


Helping companies define and implement contemporary branding, customer experience, and demand generation strategies to win with customers


Providing support to define concrete sales strategies, plans, and sales organizations to drive revenue growth

Capital Markets

Working with our partners to ensure appropriate capital is available when and where needed by leveraging our 20+ years of experience and seasoned views


Providing direction and guidance on contemporary communications that can help companies engage and sustain their organizations as they expand in scope and scale

Real Estate

Tailoring and optimizing approaches to the acquisition and management of real estate that is often a critical part of our build and buy strategies

Programmatic Resources

Access Creating Executives (ACE)

A contemporary approach to recruiting, placing, and equipping new leadership talent who can accelerate progress in scaling and growing a business.

Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG)

We believe in building great businesses that are capable of delivering competitive results while positively impacting the stakeholders and communities they serve. Because of this, we’ve developed and implemented an ESG program across our businesses that seeks accountability, action, and results.

There is no guarantee that Access will successfully implement and make investments in companies that create positive ESG impact while enhancing long-term shareholder value and achieving financial returns.

Resource Centers

In the spirit of advancing knowledge and enabling successful business building, we’ve established two important resource centers:

Access Research center (arc)

To enable Access’ research-driven approach to investing, we’ve developed strong primary research capabilities that help us identify, prosecute, and advance investment ideas. Along with driving our investing approach, we also leverage these research capabilities for value creation initiatives such as market intelligence and end-market prioritization. This year, the ARC will also be launching the Access Economic Flash Reports with the objective of driving informed decision-making in our businesses based on a common understanding of macro-economic trends and conditions.

Access acceleration center (a2c)

The A2C is the embodiment of our commitment to provide our platform company partners access to cutting-edge capabilities that drive the potential for scale and innovation in their businesses. Containing a podcast studio, data command center, and multiple collaboration spaces, the A2C is where we will drive thought leadership in the middle market, enable immersive collaboration experiences, and – most importantly – build, operate, and transfer value creation capabilities to our platforms.