We believe in the opportunity to leverage technology as a competitive advantage for Access and our platform company partners. To that end, we have invested heavily in building digital tools and capabilities that enable our platform company partners to drive a differentiated customer experience, make better and faster decisions through data and analytics, and improve the way both we and they work.

Digital Lead Generation (ALL) 

Our proprietary digital lead generation capability designed to enhance targeted engagement with stakeholders continues to advance – both in terms of technology utilized and use cases executed. From the inception of the ALL pilot program in October 2020 through today, we have executed:

Initiated First time conversations

Closed M&A Transactions and/or New Contract Wins Across Access Holdings and our Portfolio Companies

Signed NDAs


Our data, analytics, and visualization platform (Pulse) is designed to encourage better, smarter, and faster decision-making through the collection, aggregation, and reporting of both internal and external data. Using Pulse in 2022, Access has:

industries mapped across current portfolio and research pipeline
analytics projects completed in last 12 months as part of value creation initiatives
data sources used as input to analyses