At Access, we are passionate about building enduring businesses that deliver long-term value to our partners and their communities. To achieve this, we believe businesses must work to positively impact stakeholders by consistently endeavoring to “do the right thing.”

To formalize this foundational belief, Access launched an environmental, social, and governance (ESG) program to guide activity.

ESG Integration in Action

Access endeavors to integrate ESG considerations throughout the organization. The below reflects how Access incorporates ESG in select internal processes.





Access continuously evaluates prospective markets to identify emerging trends and partnership opportunities in a changing world.

Access conducts ESG research to weigh current and future risks to inform Access’ investment decisions and future activity.


As Access develops new partnerships, we evaluate the opportunity and define a go-forward strategy. This process incorporates ESG-specific analysis and input to give Access and our partners a complete picture.

Access identifies and focuses on ESG considerations we deem significant, utilizing third-party standards and reports to guide the process.


Once a partnership has been created, Access supports our partners in furthering their ESG and impact strategy by providing tools, resources, and guidance. Access engages with our partners to deliver value and positively impact all stakeholders.

Defining Materiality

At Access, we want our teams to focus critically on their industries’ impactful ESG topics.
Our twelve-factor Access Impact Matrix clearly defines how Access can drive, evaluate, and communicate our ESG performance.

Supporting our platform companies

To achieve their impact goals

To educate, engage, and align with our partners, Access has established a set of programs and processes to empower them to drive change.

The Taskforce

The ESG Taskforce is a forum for our ESG leaders to convene, discuss the latest trends in ESG, and share best practices.

The Toolkit

Access provides resources in its ESG toolkit to support its partners as they work to develop an effective ESG program.

There is no guarantee that Access will successfully implement and make investments in companies that create positive ESG impact while enhancing long-term shareholder value and achieving financial returns.
Mergers & Acquisitions PE Innovators in ESG 2021 Award Information: i. Date of the Ranking: November 17, 2021 ii. Period of Time: November 2020 – November 2021 iii. Entity Providing Ranking: Mergers & Acquisitions – iv. Compensation: We did not pay to apply for this award, nor did we pay for any advertising outside of physically ordering magazines.
Mergers & Acquisitions PE Innovators in ESG 2022 Award Information: i. Date of the Ranking: July 5, 2022 ii. Period of Time: July 2021 – July 2022 iii. Entity Providing Ranking: Mergers & Acquisitions – iv. Compensation: We did not pay to apply for this award, nor did we pay for any advertising outside of physically ordering magazines


While we are excited by our program and the feedback we have received, our progress thus far is only the beginning.

We’re proud to be named a 2022 PE Innovator in ESG for the second year in a row by Mergers and Acquisitions among nine other firms. We believe ESG is a critical framework in supporting our mission of building enduring businesses. Our multi-pronged ESG framework prioritizes adaptability and flexibility to meet the unique needs of each of our platform companies. Through the deployment of this framework, we are endeavoring to drive meaningful change throughout our portfolio as we continue to partner, scale, and innovate across essential service industries. Read more about the 2022 PE Innovator in ESG award here.