Access Holdings’ Zeus Fire & Security Partners with Alert Alarm Holdings, A Leading Fire Safety and Security Business

Jan 27, 2023

Baltimore, MD – Zeus Fire & Security (Zeus), a portfolio company of Baltimore-based Access Holdings, today announced a new partnership with Spring Rock Capital (Spring Rock); and its portfolio company, Alert Alarm Holdings (Alert), which operates under Alert Alarm and SMG Security (SMG). Alert, through its two operating subsidiaries, provides comprehensive fire safety and security services to over 33,000 commercial and residential customers.

As a mid-market investment firm specializing in buy-and-build strategies, Access Holdings partners, scales, and innovates to build enduring businesses. Access Holdings, Spring Rock Capital, and Zeus will support Alert, as well as future partners, as they seek to grow. Access Holdings will support Zeus as it scales and innovates, specifically helping recruit best-in class talent and leadership, implement and develop new digital tools, identify M&A opportunities, and provide long-term strategic guidance.