Access Holdings was formed in 2013. Our approach has led to the creation of three platform strategies to date. We will continue to add new investments and additional strategies to our portfolio.

Compliance Management

September 2014

RizePoint (formerly Steton Technology Group)

Access acquired RizePoint, a global leader in compliance management solutions, forming the backbone of our tech-enabled Compliance Management Strategy.

End of Life Services

June 2015

Foundation Partners Group

Access acquired Foundation Partners Group, the fifth largest funeral home operator in North America, serving as the base of our End of Life Services Strategy.

Life Insurance & Annuities

October 2015

Kuvare / Guaranty Income Life

Backed by Access and other investors, Kuvare executed the SPA to acquire Guaranty Income Life (GILICO), a provider of life and annuity products, establishing the base of our broader acquisition strategy in the sector.